What does the United Way do?

Our United Way works in every Aroostook County community to offer solutions to today’s problems. We actively seek donations to be distributed to health and human service agencies and their programs so that they may provide the services needed in our community.

Why should I give to the United Way?

When you support your local United Way, you’re doing something to build a healthier community right here at home.

How much money actually stays here in the County?

98% of the funds raised stays here in the County. The 2% that leaves the County is designated to outside organizations by donors and for support and resources worldwide.

Does United Way of Aroostook only help people in central Aroostook?

No, United Way of Aroostook is located in Presque Isle but its area of service is County wide.

What is the general fund?

The general fund is undesignated donations. Community volunteers look at community needs and determine which agencies and programs better serve those needs. This volunteer driven process ensures that your dollars will be disbursed where they are most needed.